Stage 2

Five Senses Enhancement ( Amplify the 5 senses )

In order to become telepathic, you need to be able to identify information being sent and received. You need to be able to create strong thoughts within your mind that use the five senses in order to make the telepathic connection stronger.

We will concentrate on training thoughts to use the five senses at a heightened level.

1. Hearing…. It’s not enough to think a word, you have to hear what it sounds like within in your mind.. Say a word, for example say ” Hello ” with your voice. Now think about how the word sounds and think about any feelings the sound of the word creates. What you’re trying to do, is Amplify the thought of the word you say. Amplify the sound of the word within your thoughts, so that every time you think the word, the thought of the word is amplified. So you know strongly what the word sounds like within your mind and you know what the word feels like within your mind. You can do this with any sounds you hear. What you have to do, is keep repeating and amplifying the sounds you hear within your mind. You need your mind to create a strong impression concerning the information you are trying to transmit. Think of any words you can say that you want to send to someone.. Say the words vocally in order to amplify them within your mind, Amplify the feelings connected to the words also. You want to be able to hear the words within your mind. you need to be able to recognise the words and the feelings also.

2. Smell… Try and remember what something smells like.. It’s very hard. Try to remember what Garlic smells like, Its hard…. It’s very hard to achieve this, to remember what something smelled like without the object present in order to smell it.. Well that’s not really important for now… Go to your kitchen and find something that has a very weak smell.. Smell that item as many times as possible… Then wash your hands to clean the smell away. Leave the kitchen and now try to remember the smell… It’s hard isn’t it.. Ok. so how do you make your memory stronger and more interactive that you can literally smell something telepathic. Go back to the kitchen and find that item again and smell it… now try to recognise what you are actually smelling, Question what it smells like, Does it smell acidic? does it smell alkaline? does it smell sweet? does it smell sour? Keep smelling the item until you can identify the sensations of the smell, Acidic, Alkaline, Sweet, Sour… What you’re doing is this.. Your creating a long-term memory by memorizing the different sensations of the smell. You don’t really need to recall the smell of the item. You only need to be able to recognise it if someone sends you a telepathic message that comes with a smell. Your brain will be able to identify smells that are sent to you by someone else. . . . But in order for you to send information to someone else, you may need to use an item with a smell if you wish to send a smell…. But you need to amplify the smell you want to send to someone. You smell the item, you must amplify the sensations of the smell. transferring the sense of smell into thoughts that you wish to send.. The smell itself is the most important thing to try to amplify, not the acidic or alkaline and sweet or sour smells.. All you need to do is keep smelling the item, and amplifying the thought of the smell. So, practice this.. find any item that has a smell, strong or weak.. wash your hands, leave the room, try to remember what the item smells like, your creating a long-term memory of the smell, so that you can identify it when someone sends thoughts to you of a smell. Keep doing this to all items that have a smell, even perfume and deodorant. Amplify the thought of the smell until you can remember it.. And every time you use the item, you know what is supposed to smell like. Amplify your sense of smell.

3. Taste. This is easier to do than smelling items. Firstly, find an item you already know what it tastes like. The item is easy to identify because you already have a strong memory for its taste.. here is something i did once, I was given a drink of orange juice, but i asked for water, I couldn’t see what i was drinking because it was a ceramic cup, I took a sip, and to my surprise the drink tasted weird.. This is because I thought I was drinking water, i was expecting to taste water, and my long-term memory knew what water tasted like.. So the memory of what water tastes like kicked in, and the stuff i was drinking tasted funny. At least i now know my long-term memory knows how to identify the taste of water. Anyway.. What we will now try to do is enhance your taste buds.. To do this you need weak things to taste. lets use chocolate as an example. . Question what the item tastes like, Acidic, Alkaline, Sour, Sweet? Amplify the taste by thinking about the taste over and over, try to taste it with your mind. Once you have tasted it, swill your mouth out with water. Get rid of the taste on your mouth and tongue. . Now look at the item, and just by looking at it, try to remember what it tastes like.. Identify Acidic, Alkaline, Sweet, Sour.. Then use those sensations with the actual taste. If you find it hard to remember the taste, then taste the item again. Then wash your tongue and mouth out with water.. Keep doing this until you amplify the taste of the item in your mind. To create a long-term memory of it…. I once was in a restaurant picking what food i would like to buy, I tried to taste the food with my mind just by looking at it. And i have to say it does slightly work. You can recall the texture and taste of the food slightly. But your long-term memory will always know what the food is supposed to taste like as long as you have tasted it before. Amplify your sense of taste. You can then identify any information being sent regarding taste. Telepathy is all about amplifying the five senses, so that you can remember and identify the information being sent to you as well as being able to send the information yourself. So, Amplify the five senses.

4. Touch… Its gets slightly harder from here, Because identifying touch is a complicated sensation. BUT, touch works well with other senses, Touch is also simple because touch usually happens with the hands. So, how do you Amplify your sense of touch. How about you touch your cheek with the palm of your hand.. what do you expect to experience from that.. Well, its emotion, you need to use your sense of touch to create feelings most of all. The feeling of comfort needs to be experienced. You see, just to touch something is not going to be enough to amplify it, you need to feel an emotion. And emotion and touch work well together. How about a hug, how does that feel.. How about sending the sensation of a hug to someone.. its hard. but as you get better with the other 5 senses, you will be able to amplify your sense of touch. Touch is very hard to send as information because you need to experience it yourself in order to amplify the feeling.. Try hugging someone, Or hug a teddy. Place an emotional emphasis behind the hug. Really feel the comforting feeling of a hug. Amplify the sensation of the hug. Now stop hugging, and try to remember what the hug felt like. keep doing this until you have a strong memory of the hug. You can amplify your sense of touch by placing an emotional emphasis behind it.

5. Sight.. Visions are the hardest thing to send to people. This is because it is a very short time frame when it happens. You see a flash like looking at a still picture for a second, then the image disappears instantly before you can identify what you saw.. But with time you can make it last longer. If you can make visual information last as long as 3 seconds that will be enough. because when you become more tuned in, you can create those visual impressions over and over again. How to Amplify visions. . . a simple way is to start with color and light. The color red can be a very strong color to remember and visualize once you have Amplified what the color red looks like. So do that for a few minutes, Find something red, make sure light is shining on it. Why light?, because light enters your eyes and helps leave a visual impression in your memory. So, find something red with light shining on it. And keep looking at it for about 30 seconds or so. Now look away, and make sure nothing red can enter your eyes. Try to remember what the color red looks like.. Obviously your memory knows what red looks like.. All you have to do is trying to draw on the memory to see it again. How? sometimes closing your eyes and trying to visualise it works.. But instead look at the light, just the light. And try to recall the red object you were looking at. Once you improve this, you will be able to identify any colors you receive from someone. Color and light is all you really need to Amplify and create a long-term memory for. Why? because if you receive a visual impression from someone, you will see the different colors variations of light within the visual impression. Amplify what you can see, as if you were looking at a still image. keep looking at the still image, and blink every 3 seconds.. after about 30 seconds of looking at the still image, turn away and try to remember what the image was.. Maybe you could even write down what you saw in the image on a piece of paper just to try to recall what you saw.

Please Read this Again and Again until you have learnt how to practice. You will even find that you have developed your own ways to Amplify your 5 senses.

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