Stage 3

Aura Enhancement ( Energizing And Expanding your Aura )

In today’s world the body is constantly bombarded by EMF’s ( electromagnetic frequencies/ Radiation ) caused by technology most of all, mobile phone, wi-fi, gps etc. Some people would say you need to eliminate those EMFs from your environment in order to keep your Aura healthy, But they are both right and wrong. If you want to take the easy way then sure, try your best to remove EMFs from your surroundings, but truthfully you probably need to adapt to them, simply because in today’s world, you can’t escape EMFs. So, how do you protect your aura from EMFs, simple answer is you don’t. EMFs only affect your body because of the minerals, elements and water within your body. So in order to beat EMFs, you need to increase the intake of minerals, elements and water in order to cleanse the body of the EMFs. You will never be able to escape EMFs, so its best you learn to adapt to them. 1. You drink the required amount of mineral water per day, 2. you make sure you have had your days worth of vitamins and minerals. This then speeds up the process of cleaning your own Electromagnetic field generated.

What is the Aura? The aura is the electromagnetic field generated by your mind and body. The soul is completely separate from the Aura. Your body needs an aura for the purpose of protecting the soul. But the Aura and the Soul are two different things. The Aura is a Bio Electrical Field Created by the Body, but can be Energized by the soul. So, we will use some methods to energize the Aura with the body and the soul. Remember, the Aura is an electromagnetic field generated by the body to protect the soul. If your unwell, your soul will also do what it can to protect your aura while you recover physically.

Before we start training your aura to expand, we need to energize your aura, with both the body and the soul. So lets start with the body.

1. We can’t prevent EMFs from penetrating your body and disturbing the flow. So we may aswell adapt to EMFs by cleansing them. Firstly we Stop worrying about EMFs because worry creates stress, and stress is not good for the Aura. Be content that we live in a world that provides us with convenience. EMFs are Good. Lets Adapt.

2. We are what we eat, Well the body is what we put into it. So we need to eat things that benefit our electromagnetic field. Eat foods rich in Iron, Copper and all the other necessary minerals needed. You see iron and copper help your body generate the electromagnetic field your body creates. Drink mineral water, but make sure the mineral water has an Alkaline PH level. my Mineral water is 7.8 PH. An Alkaline PH level within your body by using water helps protect you from illness and it also cleanses your body of unwanted toxins.

3. Although this doesn’t always count to having a strong aura, Exercise can help to keep everything in your body flowing smoothly, blood, water, and sweat also helps remove toxins from the body. So, go for a walk, or bike ride, Do anything you can to keep the blood flowing smoothly. If you are confined from exercise you can still do your best to eat healthy and make sure you have your daily vitamins and minerals and mineral water. You could also take on a hobby if you are confined. But remember this, If you exercise too much it can be bad for your body. Exercise means your body needs to recover, which means using up vitamins and minerals, and also DNA. DNA is the reason why we age, everything your body needs to heal itself is done when DNA makes a new copy of itself, but the DNA ages and makes less perfect copies of itself, this speeds up the aging process. So too much exercise can wear down your DNA as it works hard to repair your body. Dont over do the exercise.

Now we have gone through the biological methods of how to increase your aura we will concentrate on the Mind and Soul.

The Mind is a Powerful source of energy, it can both drain you, or it can feed you. If you worry then you will become drained of your energy, worry is a harmful experience as it causes stress and stress has a harmful effect on the aura. Worry is the key component to a weakened soul. When you have resolved anything your worried about, you need to recover. So how to recover from worry… To recover from worry, simply let go of what ever was worrying you. Do something that uplifts you and make you feel happy, but without any after effects that lead to stress. What ever you find uplifting, Do. as long as you do something that does Not have any after effects that lead to stress.

The Soul is the most powerful and abundant source of free energy. But what is the Soul? The soul is Divine Light. The Soul can empower the Aura when you really need it. But you can enhance the light of your soul which will energize your aura and expand it. Here are some methods you can implement to help you.

Method 1. Reiki ( Attunement ). If you want to energize your Aura, you can become a channel for the Divine Light. A Reiki Attunement will give you the ability to harness the light.

Method 2. Energy Breathing. Energy breathing draws on the light of your soul, which then encourages more light to channel through to your soul.

Now i have given you those 2 methods we can practice one of them, Energy Breathing.

Energy Breathing Method.

( This method also has some affirmations that you need to take seriously. One affirmation is to stimulate the soul, and the other is to cleanse the soul )

1. Sit in a comfortable place, A place where you wont be disturbed.

2. Once your comfortable, Breathe in Slowly into your nose and think the words ( may the light of creation shine bright within me ).. hold your breath for as long as your able.

3. When you feel the need to breathe out, Breathe out through your mouth in a whistle pose, but you don’t have to whistle. think the words ( I choose to be pure, I choose to be clean, I choose to be well )

4. Repeat, breath into your nose and think, ( may the light of creation, shine bright within me ) Hold your breath for as long as your able, then breathe out through your mouth in a whistle pose.

5. As you breathe out in a whistle pose, think ( I choose to be pure, I choose to be clean, I choose to be well )

6. Everytime you breathe in, imagine a pure white light enters your body, and circulates around your body. As you breathe out, imagine the light grows around you, into a sphere, A Star.

7. Imagine your surrounded by a brilliant white star, and as you breathe in, imagine the light from the star enters your body, As you breathe out, imagine the light makes the star Grow bigger.

Keep Repeating the breathing Exercise and the visual exercise. Remember. As you breathe in ( May the light of creation shine bright within me ).. breathe out in a whistle pose ( I choose to be pure, i choose to be clean, i choose to be well ).

If you already have Reiki, this breathing exercise will defiantly enhance your Reiki. If you don’t have Reiki, It may be something to look into as it will help you attain ESP abilities.


You will know when your aura is energized. You will feel warm or cool sensations rising up your back, and as your aura gets more and more energized, you will feel the energy moving into your head also. When your aura expands, you will feel a sense of being big or tall, you will feel confident also. You will literally know your aura is bigger.

With Reiki, you will expand your Aura even further.

About the Affirmations..

The Affirmations.. ” May the Light of Creation shine bright within me “, with this affirmation your asking the divine light to fill your soul with more light, you are the soul, and you are made of divine light, when you ask the divine light to help you it will. But you are also making a promise to the divine light. The promise affirmation ” I choose to be pure, I choose to be clean, I choose to be well “, with this affirmation your making a promise to the divine light. Your promising to be a good soul, your promising to have a pure mind, and pure intentions.. you need to take the promise serious, because the divine light requires all souls to be pure and clean. You see the divine light offers these opportunities to attain these spiritual abilities, but only if you will use them with pure intentions, never for gain and never to corrupt or be corrupt.. The promise is important, you need to be pure-minded, you need to have pure intentions. Your communicating with the source of all creation, the Divine Light, within this routine. So, Choose to be pure, choose to be clean. When you say I choose to be well, you are telling the divine light that your willing you leave behind all things that harm your soul. For every act of unpure deeds, you are making your soul take on darkness, and this makes your soul unwell which in turn makes the body unwell.. To heal the soul, you must do your best to be pure and clean.. Please take the affirmations serious, because they do truly benefit you..

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