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In order to develop and tune into any sixth sense ability, you need to meditate and create the correct brainwaves. Telepathy uses Theta and Delta brainwaves, but in order for telepathy to work you need to be fully conscious and awake while your brain produces strong Theta and Delta brainwaves.

Meditation Instuments. Pure Frankinsence Essential oil, Lavender Essential oil.

Frankinsence is well known for its spiritual uses, and has the abilities of opening your mind to ESP and Telepathy. I put 2 drops of Pure Frankinsence Essential oil under my tongue as preparation for Meditation.

Lavender is well known for its ability to help with sleep and also ESP. I rub 4 drops of Lavender essential oil on the bottom of my feet. This also helps with meditation.

How to Meditate

In order for you to produce strong theta and delta brainwaves, you need to meditate in an environment where your 5 senses are also being stimulated to a point that you don’t fall asleep while meditating.

1. Choose a comfortable place to sit or lay down. ( Your aiming to prepare for sleep )

2. Play some meditation music at a volume that suits your comfort. ( choose music without words and harsh noises )

3. Allow your mind to focus on the music to start with ( don’t try to shut out sounds )

4. Dont shut out chatter in your mind ( The harder you try the more it will return )

The sounds in the background will keep you alert, while you’re becoming more comfortable and drifting off to sleep. You see the correct meditation is a place between being awake and being asleep. That place is where you produce Theta brainwaves. The sounds keep you awake while your brain produces Theta/Delta brainwaves and this trains your mind to create a habit of producing Theta and Delta brainwaves while your fully conscious and awake.

The more you Meditate like this the more your mind will produce Theta/Delta brainwaves while your fully conscious and awake. So..

1. Prepare yourself for Sleep mode… 2. Play some calm meditation music ( No words, No harsh noises.. 3. Allow your mind to focus on the background sounds.. 4. don’t shut out chatter in your mind.

2. When to meditate… You can meditate 6 to 8 hours after waking up, replacing what some would call a power nap with meditation, and you can also meditate before bed time or when your ready to sleep. It would work well for you to have some background sounds playing to keep you alert while you drift into sleep mode/deep meditation.

Lay back, close your eyes. Relax and Listen Without headphones. You find yourself curling up and drifting to sleep. But the music will hold you in between sleeping and being awake. This Music Really Works with meditation.

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