Stage 6

Final Stage

In this final stage, we move to the very technical methods. You will learn methods of how to connect directly to someone in order to awaken Telepathic communication. You must follow the instructions carefully and practice a lot with these methods. You will also find these methods on the Advanced games page.

1. You need to find someone who is willing to learn telepathy with you, they must be in rapport to you, meaning they should get on well with you, Rapport is a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well. It may take a while to find someone who is in rapport with you.

2. When you have found someone who is in Rapport with you and they are willing to experiment with telepathy with you, find yourselves a nice and comfortable surroundings where you will not be interrupted with your experiments. You should find a place where you have no noise, no music, no tv, no other people around you to disturb you.

3. When you have found a nice surroundings you may start… Both of you stand together, and try to copy each others breathing, try to breathe in rhythm to each other. count 1, 2, 3 ,4 in seconds as you both breathe in unison, breathe together, count mentally in your mind, 1 2 3 4. As you both breathe, inhale and count 1, 2, then holding the breath together, then 1,2,3,4 and exhaling the breath together. Establish a rhythmic unison between yourself and the other person.

4. When you have both established a rhythmic harmony with each other by your breathing. Ask your friend to select an object in the room, but do not let them direct you to what object it is at this point. Have them take your left hand into their right hand and raise your hand to your forehead, then close your eyes and remain still and passive for a few moments. Have them concentrate their mind intently on the selected object, and have them will you to move towards the object. Have them think of nothing else but the object.

5. Keep your eyes closed, and quiet your mind, have the other person use their mind to instruct you to move towards the object that they chose. You will eventually feel an impulse in your feet to move towards the object, obey the impulse. Take a few steps in any direction that seem easy to you. You will soon feel like your moving in the wrong direction, and then you will be mentally pulled into the correct direction. You will have to actually experience this feeling, before you understand it.

After practicing this test many times, you will eventually start to develop it instinctively. Keep practicing this method.

1. Locations. Begin by finding particular locations in a room, corners, alcoves, doors, etc have your friend choose a location, and mentally direct you towards a location in the room. You will feel your feet pulling you towards a location.

2. Large Objects. Then begin to find large objects, such as tables, chairs, book cases, etc. have your friend choose a large object, and mentally direct you towards the large object. you will feel your feet pulling you towards the object.

3. Small Objects. Then proceed to find small objects, such as books on a table, sofa cushions, ornaments etc. Gradually work down to very small objects, jewelry etc. have your friend choose a small object, and mentally direct you towards the small object. you will feel yourself being pulled towards the chosen object.

4. Concealed Objects. Then proceed to find small objects that have been concealed, just as a pocket-book, or key or sometime hidden away etc. Have your friend hide an object for you, then mentally direct you towards the hidden object, you will feel your feet being pulled towards the hidden object.

In this Stage, we are trying to get a friend to control your mind, but you are the one reading them, through your body, such as your feet being pulled in a direction towards an object. You must allow yourself to become passive to your friends mind. You must allow your friends mind to be in control. Of course it is you that is receiving the instructions from your friend, which means you are reading their thoughts through your body. You are using your body to receive the directions. Eventually you will be able to develop an awareness in your mind using these methods.

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