Stage 5

Telepathy Methods

Now we will combine the first four Stages.

1. Meditate at a time when your able to sleep, and play some background meditation music, ( No Words, No Harsh Noises ). What you’re aiming for is trance like state, where you’re stuck between sleeping and being awake. When you believe you have achieved a centre move to number 2.

2. Energize your aura. imagine your siting or laying inside a brilliant white star. breath into your nose and imagine the light of the star enters your body, and hold your breathe until you feel the need to breathe out. When you breathe out, imagine your breathing out the light and making the star grow bigger and brighter. Breathe out through your mouth in a whistle pose. You can whistle any tone of the 7 chakras at this point ( whistling has an effect on your auric frequency, high-pitched whistles vibrates the auric field ), but you don’t have to whistle if you feel uncomfortable with it.. Continue the exercise for about 15 minutes until you feel a cool or warm air like sensation running up your back, then move onto number 3.

3. Omnipresence. Think of someone you wish to connect with. Visualise what they look like, or try to re-experience the feelings you had while in their company. Imagine the light of the star shoots a beam towards the person you want to connect with. And imagine the beam of light creates a star around them. Both stars are now connected. Imagine you and your star moves across the beam of light into their Star and you both merge together as one being. Your mind being in their mind. Imagine your inside their mind. Imagine you are the person you want to connect with. When you feel confident about being connected, move onto number 4.

4. transferring Information. Vocally, say a word that greets the person your connected with, Listen to the sound of the word over and over again with your mind. Amplify the word and Amplify any feelings connected to the word. Now send a feeling, any polite feelings you may like to send to the person. You can amplify any of the five senses, like smelling some perfume or deodorant, and while you smell something nice, think of the person you are connected to at the same time. Associate the nice smell with the person, or if you know what they smell like then use that smell. The same goes for taste, and all the other five senses. Amplify any of the five senses and then think of the person at the same time that you experience the amplified sense.

Thats all you need to begin connecting with someone. once you have learned the four stages and practiced them all at once, you will obtain telepathy.

Telepathy Game to enhance yourself.

1. Get some card, and cut out 10 Squares.

2. Write from 1 to 10 separately on the squares.

3. get someone to pick one of the squares so that you don’t see what they picked.

4. Get the person to constantly look at the number on the square

5. Try to read the other persons thoughts, try to visualise what they see from within their mind.

6. You can guess the correct number in this way. You play a yes and no game in your mind. You think of any number between 1 and 10 and think yes or no in your mind. You will feel a slightly positive if the number is a yes, and you will feel slightly negative if the number is not correct. Your moving from numbers 1 to 10 within your mind, Guessing yes or no. yes it as that one, No it is not that one. You will feel slightly confident when you are correct with a yes or no feeling.

Thats all for now.

I will update this page soon.. Thank you.

Keep Going through Stage 1 to 5 and Practice.

You can leave a reply at the bottom of the page 🙂


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