Stage 4

Omnipresence Training

This is a complicated thing to learn and develop. What does it mean to be Omnipresent? To Project your presence into different surroundings, either by projecting your mind or projecting your soul. You must have heard of Astral Projection, the ability to leave your body and travel through space and other dimensions. Well we wont be concentrating on Astral Projection. Lets concentrate on the ability to project your mind.

You can project your mind into other people or other living things that have a conscious existence and you can also project your mind into space and surrounding environments. Once I was sitting in my local garden park having a cup of tea, I was sitting on a bench. I was testing something i heard about called astral projection, so I decided to meditate on that. I wanted to project outside of my body to another place in the park. But instead of projecting my soul to another place, i found it easier to project my mind. It was a sunny day and people were sitting on the grass about 200 metres away from me. I concentrated really hard to try to project myself over to them. I had only just started out with this idea to project myself. Anyway, what happened was sensational, It happened for only a few seconds. I felt myself being pulled towards the group of people sitting on the grass 200 metres away. Then I felt myself being pulled back. I once also worked for an energy company as a cold caller, knocking on doors. After work we used to go to the local pub and sit outside with our drinks. We were having a conversion and then my boss spoke to me suddenly and said in so many words, you have a presence about you. I knew that for sure because i was trying to make my presence known enough to make them feel like I never left my chair when i was not present. I was confident that i could make my presence known even when i was not present. What i was doing, was leaving a trace of my aura in the environment where i was sitting. But to do this I had to remember my surroundings, I needed to tune into the environment. What the surroundings were like and where things were placed. I know my Boss and other colleagues would remain in their chosen seat even when i left the table. Ok lets move on from this story.

What Omnipresence training is all about has a lot to do with leaving a trace of your electromagnetic field in environments. Once you have been somewhere, you can return there through Projecting your Mind back with visualisation.

1. If you find yourself in a room somewhere, a room you have never been before. Try your best you remember everything about the room, remember where everything was placed within the room. Remember how big the room is, Remember where objects were placed and most of all remember the people. You want to create a long-term memory of your surroundings or any place you have been and be able to recall everything in order to make yourself Omnipresent. You see it’s not easy to Project yourself into places you have never been before. Most of the time if you have been somewhere before, you will be able to visualise the place and project into it. And most of all because you have left a trace impression of your aura within the place your want to project into.

2. Expanding your aura/electromagnetic field Into places you have been before. What you need to do is energize your electromagnetic field at this point. You want to expand your aura/electromagnetic field into the surrounding environment so that you leave a trace impression of yourself within the place you want to return to. Lets say you have been on holiday to somewhere you would like to return to one day. Why not re-visit the places you went with visualisation. Through meditation, you can create visual impressions within your mind. Visualisation is very important to start with, when you want to project your mind to somewhere or someone. Telepathy is all about projecting your mind into others or places you have already spent time with or in.

3. Lets try projecting your mind into others. Now some people would call this some type of possession of someones mind. But what you’re doing is not controlling someones mind, your only making yourself present within their mind. Almost as if your sharing the same mind, Two minds become one mind. This task is complicated because one, you have to transfer your aura/electromagnetic field into the person you want to communicate with. I did this myself to someone, I expanded my Aura into someones head. the aura around my head, passed through the aura around their head, but the aura around my head was energized and so it reshaped the aura around their head, I was able to transfer some of my own electromagnetic field/aura into their head.

4. Think of the brain as if it was a radio.. A radio can tune into different frequencies, and receive information. But the brain is a radio that can receive and transmit information. The brain is an Organic radio that can tune into someone elses mind. Also think about 2 walkie talkies. Walkie talkies can transmit and receive information also. BUT, the brain works at a quantum level. Once you have tuned into someones mind, you will get better at sending them information.

So far i have not given you enough to start.

How to become Omnipresent.

1. Start by Energizing your aura by using the Aura enhancement methods. You want to be able to transfer your aura into some else.

2. You can either find someone who doesn’t mind sharing your aura with you, or you can discretely choose someone within your surroundings. Then your aura needs to expand far enough to get inside someone elses aura.

3. Once you have expanded your aura into someone else. You will feel confident that you’re both connected. At this point you can try to project your mind inside their mind. You can do this by convincing yourself that you are the person you want to connect to. So, to get inside someone elses mind, you need to be the person. You need to imagine that both of you are the same person. When you have achieved that belief while your aura is connected to their mind, you are then trying to mimic their electromagnetic field. You are both tuned into each others electromagnetic field, because you’re on the same wave length so to speak. There is more to the saying of being on someone elses wavelength, not because you have so much in common. But because your minds have tuned into each other.

5. Omnipresence is difficult and the most important aspect of telepathy. You need to transfer your electromagnetic field/Aura into some else. It’s hard to try to communicate with someone you have never spent time with. You need to have spent some reasonable time with someone in order for your aura to connect to theirs. In order for your mind to connect to their mind, you need to have been in each others company or been able to energize and expand your auric field at a very long-range into someone.


1. Find someone willing to practice with you.

2. Energize your aura and then be close to the other person.

3. If you can try, touch or brush the right side of your head against the right side of their head. If you can’t touch your head against their head, simply sit close to each other.

4. Expand the aura around your head into their head. If this is not possible, expand your aura as close to them as possible.

5. Now visualise that you are both the same person, as if you were twins. Visualise that you are the same person. Two minds in one body. Imagine your inside the person’s head. You need to do this many times before you can reshape the other persons electromagnetic field to mimic yours. Remember the radio/walkie talkie, on the same wavelength.

Keep doing this, and you will also find your own unique way to connect with others.

Training Part 2. ( Environments )

Once you have been in an environment, as long as you can remember and visualise the environment, you can project your mind back into the environment at any time. Visualisation works really well when your trying to project yourself into others or a surrounding environment.

Try to remember a place you have spent time in. Or imagine your walking around your town centre visiting the places you have been before. If you have energized your aura and expanded your aura within a place before, you can revisit it.

Omnipresence training is the most difficult thing to achieve. But in time you will be able to project your mind where ever you want.

I will update this page soon. What i have given you is a few examples of how to project your mind into others and places. Remember, you need to have spent time with someone you want to connect to, and you also need to have been in the place you want to connect to. You energize your electromagnetic field and expand it into someone or a place. You leave a trace impression of yourself in others or a place.

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