Pineal Gland Experiment

Magnet on 3rd Eye

The Pineal Gland is the Psychic centre of the brain. But over the years the Pineal Gland becomes hardened by Calcium build up. If you want to obtain Psychic abilities such as telepathy, you need to have a healthy pineal gland.

The Experiment

You can stimulate the Pineal Gland with a Magnet, placed over the 3rd eye as shown in the picture. I use Neodymium Magnets as they have a stronger magnetic field. How does it work? The neuronal connections in the brain transfer energy, but it is possible to use a magnet to stimulate neuronal growth.

1. Buy a Disk magnet like the one in the picture. My experiment uses Neodymium Magnets, 20mm diameter by 3mm thickness.

2. Place 1 magnet in the centre of your head like in the picture.

Week 1. 10 minutes, 3 times each day.

Week 2. 15 minutes, 3 times each day

Week 3. 20 Minutes, 3 times each day

Week 4. 25 Minutes, 3 times each day

Week 5. 30 Minutes, 3 times each day

3. After the 5 weeks experiment, increase the strength of the magnetic field by using 2 magnets over the 3rd eye. Start from Week 1 again with an increased magnetic field.

Dont worry, Permanent Magnets are not harmful to the body or the brain. If you were using electromagnets that pulsed electro stimulation into the brain or body, that would be a different story, But Permanent magnets don’t use electro stimulation, so you are very safe to use them.


2 thoughts on “Pineal Gland Experiment

    1. telepathymethods Post author

      Depending on how much you can tolerate the experiences caused by the magnet.. If you feel dizzy, or if you start getting a headache then take it off… It is best you do it gradually, training your brain to cope with the experience. Dont expose for too long, dont force it.



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